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(of a leaf or bean shape) resembling the shape of kidney

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1) "8" shape, 2) "S" shape, 3) ring, 4) triangular, 5) quadrilateral, 6) biconvex, 7) reniform, 8) oval, 9) condyle in two parts, 10) irregular.
Basidia cylindrical, hyaline, tri - septate, spores are hyaline, reniform to allantoid, size was 15 x 4-5 im.
Intramammary lymph nodes were best visualized and characterized on DBT, thanks to their typical reniform (kidney bean) shape, fatty hilum and well-defined margins.
The tumour may cause overall expansion of the kidney, while maintaining the reniform contour.
In liquid sporulation medium, hyphal segments develop 1-2 discharge tubes that produce terminal vesicles containing reniform zoospores 9-10 [micro]m wide x 10-12 pm long (Figure 5, panel G).
There is a planispiral involute mode of growth in the earlier stages, becoming peneropliform to reniform or cyclic in the adult stages.
A pathological evaluation of the specimen revealed a Reniform solid mass brownish black discolored surface which was smooth and free of adhesion it weighed 2kg and measured 25x15cm.
Leaves are incubus, bilobed to the base, with a large dorsal lobe, irregularly reniform, concave, arching over the stem, 0.
The influence of the furrows can be seen in the slightly reniform nuclei (Fig.
The members of the genus Adansonia are united by several characters that serve to discriminate them from other Bombacaceae, including a characteristic indehiscent fruit with reniform seeds and a powdery whitish pulp [1].
The reniform nematode (Rotylenchulus reniformis) is limited to warmer regions of the Cotton Belt, but its range is expanding.
It also protects soybeans from nematodes, such as reniform, root knot and soybean cyst (SCN).