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(of a leaf or bean shape) resembling the shape of kidney

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The new line is susceptible to the reniform nematode and is not intended as a commercial cultivar.
Stigmata: reniform elongate, with a distinctly sclerotized lid hinged distally, which opens inward to the book lung cavity (Figs.
CT findings of XGP include an enlarged kidney with a reniform shape, poor or absent excretion of contrast media, and replacement of renal parenchyma with multiple low-density fluid-filled areas arranged in a hydro nephrotic pattern.
Curassows consumed a wide array of fruit shapes (round, ellipsoidal, cylindrical, reniform, straight, curved), types (drupes and legumes), and colors (green, brown, yellow, red, white, and orange) mainly from trees and shrubs and, less frequently, from herbs.
The reniform leaves are a characteristic feature of this species that is reflected in its botanical name "reniforme" (Van der Walt and Vorster, 1983, 1988).
Seedling survival two and four weeks after planting; thrip counts at three and six weeks after planting; reniform nematode populations at planting, midseason, and at harvest; and yield were collected for each trial.
Ascospores: Uniseriate, reniform with one side flattened, blackish-brown, 1-2 guttulate, 10-12 X 5-6 [mu]m.
Nuclei may reveal delicate chromatin, and may be round, oval, or reniform.
The soybean cyst nematode reductions are consistent with what we have seen in cotton for several years, where N-Hibit reduced the juveniles and eggs of root knot nematodes and reniform nematodes by about 50%, while enhancing plant growth," Dr.
Forewing dark brown, with black discal spot at the discal cell, one indistinct black spot below it and a reniform discocellular spot at end of cell; transverse outer line broad and blackish; termen covered with dark brown scales; posterior margin slightly concave; venation (Fig.
The two groups of chromosomes are delivered directly to the polar cleavage furrows and the interphase nuclei are initially reniform (Fig.
The cell population is polymorphous (Figure 6) comprising large histiocytoid cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and eccentric vesicular nuclei, smaller mononuclear stromal cells with oval or reniform nuclei, osteoclast-like giant cells, and xanthoma cells.
Efficancy of Trichoderma species on control of Fusarium root-rot and Reniform nematodes disease complex on sunflower.
On the spiral side chambers reniform, slightly inflated, sutures curving, thickened; on the umbilical side chambers subtriangular, more inflated, with radial sutures.