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negociate anew


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revise the terms of in order to limit or regain excess profits gained by the contractor

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Renegotiated credit provides borrowers with a moratorium on payments, longer maturities or lower interest rates.
He also stated that the PPAs that would be renegotiated include those that were signed between PHCN and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC), and AES amongst others.
The renegotiated royalty takes the form of an annual payment to EARL of a percentage of the net cash flow (before corporate tax) of Delhi's Cooper and Eromanga Basin business, subject to minimum payment of $40 million over the first five years.
The Iraqi government recently renegotiated the terms of the deal with the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC), which was originally signed in 1997, marking Iraq's first major oil deal with a foreign firm since the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Libya might sign next week a renegotiated contract with Spanish energy group Repsol, in an attempt from the part of the government to obtain a greater share of the profits generated by JVs with foreigners.
Agents have been paid on transfers in the past but not when they've renegotiated a client's contract.
The airline has rejected, renegotiated or restructured leases for 90% of its mainline aircraft.
Bankruptcy Judge Adlai Hardin's approval, Delta has now successfully renegotiated or restructured contracts for 90 percent of its main fleet and a third of its regional aircraft, according to Edward Bastian, Delta's chief financial officer.
The airline has reportedly renegotiated leases for 88 aircraft with a group of lessors, with rates set to save it USD200m in annual rent payments.
We are entering a new world where the fundamental status of data storage in the enterprise is being renegotiated under the gun of regulatory compliance, heightened security, increasing complexity, and falling prices.
Which areas would be renegotiated by the Tories and would they take back power in areas other than fishing and international aid?
The contract may now have to renegotiated to take into account the funding cuts, which may effect the institution's library and trigger a break clause to renegotiate the deal downwards.
is being sued by a group of funds associated with a New York money manager over the recently renegotiated terms of the struggling financial-services company's outstanding debt.
City Controller Laura Chick, who in May issued a harsh audit calling for the contracts to be immediately renegotiated, told the council's Audits and Governmental Efficiency Committee that she was stunned the contracts haven't been reworked since the issue was raised in 1999.
Air Canada has renegotiated contract terms for ten aircraft with Israeli aviation group Knafaim-Arkia Holdings.