renegade state

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a state that does not respect other states in its international actions

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And Tessa Jowell is unable to participate in Cabinet meetings about Iran because her grubby lawyer hubby has business interests in that renegade state.
He said he was "happy to help" Belgrade's football authorities despite the fact that the renegade state is still run by the Balkan butcher.
BAGHDAD, Iraq--The United Nation's trade sanctions on Iraq were intended to punish a renegade state.
Already the big commercial deals are being done with this former renegade state.
Tax havens: renegade states in the international tax Regime?
Thus, Iran may be trying to find some renegade states to help her break the embargo and who could be a better partner for this than Eritrea's President Isayas.
As for their objective it is combating terrorism and subjugating the renegade states, by gathering together those who are afraid of extremism and those who are suspicious of the extension of Iranian influence in the "coming battle for the Middle East.
Hopefully, it will serve as impetus for those seven renegade states that still allow commercial harvesting of wild striped bass," Dean Clark said.
On the political level, the Vatican is generally pro-European Union largely because it sees Europe as a potential counterweight to the United States on the world stage and holding positions on some important issues that are closer to those of the Holy See: multilateralism, strong doubts about the use of force, engagement rather than isolation in dealing with renegade states.
Far more difficult than keeping an eye on India is the challenge of gaining access to intelligence on reclusive renegade states like Iraq, Iran, Libya, and North Korea.