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assign a new name to

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name again or anew

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You can rename your files during import in Lightroom.
The transportation commission then shifted course, saying it would instead rename the 10-mile stretch the Randy Pap Beltline, spend just $1,500 upfront to replace one sign at each end of the freeway, and replace the rest of the signs as they wore out.
Rename specialises in offering a redirection service from easy-to-remember URLs using the Austrian suffix 'at'.
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was gave approval to rename the 122 schools and colleges of Islamabad after the names of children killed in the Army Public School attack to commemorate the sacrifice rendered by the young martyrs.
Whose brilliant idea was it to rename the Reseda post the ``John Wooden Post Office?
After all, the Springfield City Council's low-key 4-1 vote this week to name the yet-to-be-built Pioneer Parkway extension was free of the controversy and commotion that surrounded the Eugene council's gut-wrenching, flip-flopping, community-dividing process that culminated in last month's decision to rename Centennial Boulevard in honor of the slain civil rights leader.
One sailor said: "There is an age-old superstition that you should never rename a boat as it's bad luck.
31 ( ANI ): The plan to rename Fawara Chowk in Lahore after Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh has been put on hold after it drew objections from "certain sections of society".
School officials want to rename most of their buildings, now known only by letters of the alphabet.
If the problems were indeed as glaring as he claims, then the council should have changed them early on and not at the end, when doing so made it appear that councilors were, in fact, rejecting the final recommendation to rename Centennial and not a skewed process.
Fehmida Mirza on Thursday announced to rename the Committee Room No.
The PML President was of the view that due to the skyrocketing prices, the people were committing suicides while the rulers were fuelling "Renaming Phobia" and was suggesting top rename every building and provinces.
16 (ANI): The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Government on Tuesday decided to rename all Frontier Houses owned by provincial government as Pakhtunkhwa Houses.
Sunday's ceremony to rename the post office for Ashcraft was held on what would have been his 26th birthday.
The Eugene City Council should shelve plans to rename Eugene's third of Centennial Boulevard in honor of Dr.