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Synonyms for remunerative

Synonyms for remunerative

affording compensation

Synonyms for remunerative

for which money is paid

producing a sizeable profit

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At present it seems that seeking education is not for acquiring knowledge but to get a more remunerative job.
The three countries will also cooperate to increase NR consumption domestically, and are confident that NR prices will recover and continue to be fair and remunerative to all rubber smallholders and other stakeholders in the NR industry.
These reforms done through policies will enable access to more remunerative employment and real income gains for lower-income families, it added.
Allowing export of pulses will help the farmer to dispose off their products at remunerative prices and also encourage them to expand the area of sowing.
They tend to be more stable and remunerative than those in agriculture (which are seasonal) and in services (which are prominently in the informal sector, or if not, are contractual and unstable).
Computer Science Engineering has been one of the most remunerative and ambitious course to study its inception in Indian Engineering institutions.
The number of jobseekers includes fresh graduates as well as employees who want to switch to more remunerative jobs.
Are policies designed to encourage students to enroll in the most remunerative professions a cost-effective use of private and public educational dollars?
According to the Article 3 paragraph (3) from the Civil Code the systematic performance of an organized activity by one or many persons, consisting of the production, administration or alienation of goods or service supply constitutes the exploitation of an enterprise, irrespective whether it has as a remunerative purpose.
ONGC Videsh does not find this remunerative and wants more, the newspaper said.
The protesters urged Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi to draw up policies aimed at creating remunerative and durable jobs for the Lebanese youth.
The country cannot aspire to be prosperous unless its vast rural economy prospers, urban and rural poverty are eliminated, and agriculture turns remunerative and profitable enough to sustain and support the growth ambitions of India's teeming rural population.
The report outlines governing bodies, governing laws, licenses and key fiscal terms which includes royalty, corporate income tax, remunerative fees, surface fees, depreciation and value added tax (VAT)
The resulting carnage offers selective opportunities that are likely to prove very remunerative over the longer-term.
We are focused on creating highly remunerative and quality jobs that would provide stable employment for Filipinos," Coloma said.