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receiving or eligible for compensation

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3- The difference between the total amount resulting from the previous paragraph and the wage remunerated on 31/12/2011 is calculated, whereas this difference is the increase to be added to the wage which the employer earned on 31/12/2011.
This leads me back to my earlier point: taking advice from a highly specialised firm with suitably qualified and experienced advisors who are remunerated in a way that induces trust and independent thinking.
Earlier, the Cabinet ratified names of 20 award winners, who will be remunerated 5 annual salary bonuses.
It is totally unacceptable that such critically essential staff are not being remunerated properly and are being forced to take industrial action in order to secure the pay increase they deserve.
They would be remunerated for hard work and efficiency by seeing the business succeed, as was seen when the miners of Tower Colliery bought out the previous owners.
Henrietta will be remunerated at pounds 5,875 a year during the four-year post.
Our educators and consultants need to be financially remunerated for their time, effort and commitment to the nursing profession.
Ross defines sweatshops as places that have some or all the following characteristics: they fail to pay minimum wages, have long hours not remunerated with premium pay, employ child labor and lack adequate benefits.
1999), the employer remunerated its employees with stock and claimed a deduction in the transfer year for the stock's value.
What does stagger me is that there are people out there in the industry who are remunerated on the basis of their premium income or their market share rather than their profitability.
The sort brought by any Japanese employee who has ever wondered whether he has been fairly remunerated for a particular invention.
For clients who choose to make investments through Banco do Brasil, the bank offers deposit remunerated accounts, as well as its popular savings accounts and an investment fund.
Companies are realising that they don't need a huge finance department and a highly remunerated finance director to be successful," he says.
The players have an issue over their rights but they should remember they get remunerated very well.
I firmly believe CFOs should be adequately remunerated for the talent and skill they employ and that such remuneration should equal in dollar amounts what's given to other executive officers.