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a fresh horse especially (formerly) to replace one killed or injured in battle

mount again, as after disassembling something

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provide with fresh horses

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So they remounted the Saw-Horse, Tip holding to the post, the Pumpkinhead clinging to Tip, and the Scarecrow with both arms around the wooden form of Jack.
He then remounted his feet, ascended to the pulpit, and resumed his discourse, making no allusion to the incident.
Its footfalls as it remounted the stairs were rapid, heavy and loud; they shook the house.
As he spoke, the knight-errant, who had remounted his warhorse, galloped forward to the royal stand, with a silken kerchief bound round his wounded arm.
His parting words concluded, John Browdie strode heavily out, remounted his nag, put him once more into a smart canter, and, carolling lustily forth some fragments of an old song, to which the horse's hoofs rang a merry accompaniment, sped back to his pretty wife and to Nicholas.
Having remounted my horse, I just looked back to see how he was getting on, before I rode away.
Our travellers having remounted their horses, arrived in town without encountering any new mishap.
The beautiful bundle being tied up in a paper, the officer remounted, giving the nosegay into the charge of his military groom, who carried it with a grin, following his chief, who rode away in great state and self-satisfaction.
Wakem had had the presence of mind to loose the bridle at once, and as the horse only staggered a few paces and then stood still, he might have risen and remounted without more inconvenience than a bruise and a shake.
Run on atrocious ground, the race was won by Red Marauder, who led home only three other finishers - including Blowing Wind and Papillon, who were both remounted - as the conditions wreaked havoc.
Or, all would have hit an elk in the lung area at 500 yards with ease, even if the scope were removed and then remounted prior to the shot for some reason.
Before the rule came into force in November 2009, the policy had last been considered after dual Gold Cup winner Kauto Star was remounted in a novices' chase at Exeter in 2005, but was found to be injured.
He accelerated to 20-30mph before falling off, remounted, swerved across the road and promptly fell off again.
The issue of remounting was last considered in 2005, following on from the high-profile incident where Kauto Star as remounted in a Novices' Chase at Exeter, after which he was found to be injured.
Mark Baseby (13 points) was third and Robert Mear (12) fourth after both fell and remounted.