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a fresh horse especially (formerly) to replace one killed or injured in battle

mount again, as after disassembling something

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provide with fresh horses

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Muhammad Yousaf Majoka, a minus (-2), Hav Shehzad handicap 1, Raja Kashif, a one handicap, and international Raja Sami Ullah a four handicap player while Army Remounts team including Capt.
Under the new ruling, jockeys cannot remount to complete the race and can only ride back to the unsaddling area once they have been given the all clear by the vet or doctor.
General Sir Anthony Walker, former Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, said: "I can see Remount going from strength to strength.
If they tighten up securely, just remount the posts and the bar.
The cheap Kushner remount outdid such local legit powerhouses as the Steppenwolf and Goodman theaters, snagging five awards at the Chi equivalent of the Tony Awards.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of Electrical Installations of KoPT Officers and staff quarters at Portland Park, Remount Road, Dumayoun Avenue, Chetla, Sister Nivedita Abasan, 96 C.
The minister stated this during a meeting with Brig Mohammad Akhtar, Director Commandant and Commandant Centre of Excellence Colonel Mehboob Ahmed from the Remount Veterinary Centre of Pak Army Farm, here at his office, said a statement issued here on Thursday.
WISDOM There are, fools, bloody and who remount a steeplechase.
LAHORE -- Five goals by Hassam Ali Hyder enabled Polo D Sufi to thrash Rijas Remount by 9 goals to three goals to win the final and The Bank of Punjab Lahore Open Polo Championship at Lahore Polo Club here on Sunday.
Directed by Suzanne Beal, the remount runs April 4-28.
Both jockeys were disappointed they could not remount, particularly Toole, whose mount did not fall and galloped on riderless.
Investments LLC, led by Rebecca Eden, purchased the 7000 Remount Road property from Richard Garrett.
The course, called Remount, will help in dealing with post traumatic stress disorder and other consequences of being in a war zone.