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cast again


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give new treads to (a tire)

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Ed Miliband knows that but in remoulding Labour's link to the trade unions he is seeking to make the party bullet-proof when David Cameron defends the indefensible.
to include but not be limited to Tyres for heavy/light duty vehicles, Light Duty Tyres, Tyres for motor cars, heavy duty tyres, tyres for trucks, Agrarian tyres, tyre repair services, including fitting and balancing, tyre remoulding services, Tyre recutting on heavy commercial vehicles, roadside responsive maintenance, Retreaded tyres.
And in remoulding its sense of self through what might be called Winnicottian 'transitional objects', Georgian society could draw upon and elaborate new psychophysiological models.
Primary Avon Tyres products related to the transaction include passenger, light and medium truck tires, high performance and racing tires, motorcycle tires, industrial tires, tire retreading and remoulding supplies.