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Synonyms for remould

cast again


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give new treads to (a tire)

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The brave youngster - who last year was named as a Sunday Mercury Wonderkid - found her voice thanks to a complex operation to remould her jaw which has given her the freedom to open her mouth Helen was born with a condition called Goldenhar Syndrome, which disfigures the bones and muscles.
Following a full day test at the Mallory Park circuit in Leicestershire last week, the remould tyre firm Colway Tyres from Durham, have been given permission to supply a new range of remould tyres for a national sports car championship to be announced.
Halfords announced it is to start selling remould tyres.
Remoulds let themselves down in the '70s and '80s when they were blamed for scores of deaths and accidents.
It estimated that, plus the "green" agenda, would mean the European remould market would grow by about ten per cent over the next few years.