remote-control bomb

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a bomb that can be detonated by remote control

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ISLAMABAD, March 23 (Saba) -At least six policemen were injured on Wednesday in a remote-control bomb blast in Pakistan's northwest city of Hangu, local sources reported.
The attack ensued when a remote-control bomb planted by roadside hit a police van patrolling on the street of Hangu city located some 80 km southwest of Peshawar.
A reputed hitman was convicted yesterday of plotting to kill Mob turncoat Salvatore 'Sammy the Bull' Gravano with a remote-control bomb for betraying the Gambino crime family.
The Israeli navy has intercepted a boat heading to the Gaza Strip, seizing a senior Hezbollah explosives expert, manuals for suicide bombers and a radio activation system for remote-control bombs, the military said last night.
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