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a terminal connected to a computer by a data link

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The global market for remote terminal units will grow at a slow rate in the next few years until 2015, with the market nearing saturation as the deployment of RTUs has been going on since 1970s.
As a result, global market for remote terminal units is close to saturation, but some countries are expected to witness a high growth rate for Remote Terminal Units, like Indonesia with 20%.
A remote terminal unit is a control device that helps the master device (SCADA) monitor and communicate with grid devices placed across different geographical locations.
LONDON -- In 2009, the world remote terminal units (RTU) market was estimated to be worth $500 million, and looks likely to achieve slow growth of around 2.
Reasons to buy - Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for global and country markets for Remote Terminal Units.
With reliable network performance a key aspect of many carriers' marketing, the Mini-Mux 840 Remote Terminal with battery backup greatly improves reliability and customer satisfaction.
Table 1: Remote Terminal Unit Market, Global, Market Size ($bn), 2011-2020 12
3 Remote Terminal Units Market, Global, Market Share of Key Players (%), 2010 9
The new NOC and remote terminals enable ChinaCast to meet the demands of customers in numerous industries, from government agencies to insurance, healthcare, banking and energy.
The Harvest Eagle system consists of two power units with an integrated primary distribution center, operator remote terminals, primary switching centers, secondary distribution centers, power distribution panels, remote area lighting systems, cable reel pallet assemblies, secondary and primary cables and an external fuel system.
The camera-dedicated types (INAP125T/R12) offer a 10C*12 bit interface plus control signals (digital RGB interface) while the 18C*24 bit types (INAP125T/R24) are striving for digital display applications like remote terminals or control panels up to VGA/SVGA resolution.
StorePoll also distributes "invalid debit/credit card" files and other data to remote terminals, provides centralized control over remote terminals, and enables users to reduce network costs by polling in off-peak hours.
Lucent Automated Cross Connect to Cut Operating Costs for Service Providers by Enabling Setup of Broadband Services at Remote Terminals and Street Cabinets without a Visit by a Technician
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