remote terminal

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a terminal connected to a computer by a data link

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The global market for remote terminal units will grow at a slow rate in the next few years until 2015, with the market nearing saturation as the deployment of RTUs has been going on since 1970s.
LONDON -- In 2009, the world remote terminal units (RTU) market was estimated to be worth $500 million, and looks likely to achieve slow growth of around 2.
The Mini-Mux 840 Remote Terminal is a small, environmentally protected cabinet that securely houses Charles' Mini-Mux 840L OC-3 Multiplexer.
With the acquisition of Optical Solutions, Calix now has approximately 340 North American customers that have deployed more than 8,000 central office, remote terminal, and remote node systems supporting in excess of two million active subscriber interfaces.
11 Wi-Fi access, and radio connections, and the use of commonly known passwords to the maintenance ports of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) controlling utility and industrial operations.
Zhone is using Conexant's VDSL2 CPE and CO chip sets to offer high-speed, long reach and low cost solutions for multi-tenant and multi-dwelling unit (MxU), remote terminal and CO deployments.
2 Connect the positive jumper clamp (marked "+" or colored red) to the remote terminals on the good vehicle.
The new NOC and remote terminals enable ChinaCast to meet the demands of customers in numerous industries, from government agencies to insurance, healthcare, banking and energy.
The Harvest Eagle system consists of two power units with an integrated primary distribution center, operator remote terminals, primary switching centers, secondary distribution centers, power distribution panels, remote area lighting systems, cable reel pallet assemblies, secondary and primary cables and an external fuel system.
Because it is small - about the size of a pizza box - the access multiplexer can be deployed in remote terminals or directly from within office buildings, apartments and hotels.
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