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a terminal connected to a computer by a data link

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color in AV edition only) Boeing's unmanned X-45A can operate with preprogrammed commands or be directed from a remote station.
ISG's Underwriters Laboratory Listings included Bank Safe & Vault, National Industrial Security Systems; Mercantile, Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services; Protective Signaling Services; Local, Auxiliary; Remote Station and Proprietary and Residential Alarm Systems.
Events and data can be stored at the local and remote station to add a second level of data integrity.
Since the WideArray does not require manual recalibration, operators can electronically adjust the guide point anywhere within the detection range through the use of an easy-to-mount remote station.
Built during World War II, the remote station was rumoured to have kept the Admiralty in contact with Royal Navy ships around the world and to have ordered the sinking of the Bismarck, the pride of the German navy.
The uncompressed fibre-optic transmission maintains graphics performance and full frame-rate HD video playback with no latency at the remote station, while the computer remains safely secured in a climate-controlled machine room for enhanced security and easier IT maintenance.
THE remote station made famous in cult film Trainspotting is getting a pounds 400,000 facelift.
Each remote station is powered by photovoltaic solar panel, with battery backup for both the PLCs and all plant instrumentation and communication interfaces.
The Internet Client Software enables the card to be used as a remote station in a multipoint network, wirelessly connecting to an access server anywhere within a radius of up to 1,200 feet.
A remote station made famous by the film Trainspotting was yesterday granted a drinks licence.
Each remote station has a small - approximately one meter - satellite dish aimed at the service provider's satellite and a transceiver, which transmits and receives signals.
The telemetry system enables wireless transmission of the patient's cardiac data to a remote station, where the data is observed, recorded, and analyzed for determining the future course of action.
Equipment of long-distance trains with wireless Internet access multi-operator train-land connection = System for the simultaneous use of mobile phone networks of several mobile operators, Gateway as a remote station on land, outdoor antennas, access points and other network equipment on the train and associated software.
In testing, the SMSS movement and sensor functions were controlled from the remote station via tele-operation, demonstrating control of the vehicle through the satellite.
Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product safety testing and certification, announced today that the National Fire Fighting Company (NAFFCO) headquartered in Dubai became the first company outside of North America to be certified by UL for safety in the Local, Auxiliary, Remote Station & Propriety Fire Alarm Service category.
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