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Synonyms for remonstration

the act of expressing strong or reasoned opposition

Synonyms for remonstration

the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest

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Before the first notes of "Siegfried Idyll" could be heard, a group of audience members stood and left the auditorium in silent remonstration.
When errors in judgment are made, they should be used as an improvement opportunity, not as a cause for remonstration and "memos to the employee file.
Part II of the "Wan Chang" chapter of Mencius's Works states: "If the ruler has major faults, he ought to be remonstrated, and if he ignores the remonstration again and again, he should be dethroned.
A particular sticking point was the story of Adria Richards who, after hearing a man seated nearby at a California IT conference joke about having a "big dongle", tweeted a stern remonstration which ended up getting him fired.
In a show of remonstration against him, the Anfield faithful burned Torres replica jerseys outside Anfield after his move was announced.
There is far more remonstration displayed than responsibility taken.
He responded to the extremely polite remonstration by the aggrieved driver with a rude gesticulation of his middle finger and a remark I would not wish to include in this column.
Louis burial have subjected Dakin Williams to public remonstration, in this interview Dakin reveals his side of the story.
That Abraham plays the same trick again, despite her remonstration with him, must be wounding; that he does not bother to ask her compliance, but now takes her for granted, is belittling.
Maps On Us is the first of what we hope will be many full-scale Lucent product remonstration sites on the Web.
He takes his punishment without complaint and without remonstration (remember when he unfairly got sent off?
I pointed out that my remonstration had been made after payment on my winning bet had been refused.
Mackay, unsurprisingly, was in the opposite corner believing Zaha's tumble was worthy of a second yellow card, his remonstration to the fourth official proof of his anger.
The Arabic term for normalization, tatbeeh, now serves as a word of remonstration and criticism against Arab organizations or individuals who maintain ties and relations with Israel and Israelis.