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Synonyms for remonstration

the act of expressing strong or reasoned opposition

Synonyms for remonstration

the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest

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For example, protest against Pimp Juice, an energy drink promoted by the rapper Nelly, was a mere ripple compared to the tidal wave of remonstration against Ghettopoly.
Before the first notes of "Siegfried Idyll" could be heard, a group of audience members stood and left the auditorium in silent remonstration.
When errors in judgment are made, they should be used as an improvement opportunity, not as a cause for remonstration and "memos to the employee file.
Their polite, if unexpected, remonstration gave an extra shove to the overthrow of federation president Lane Kirkland and delivered an implicit challenge to the federation's reform party.
Premier Jawaharlal Nehru's remonstration against Prime Minister Kotalawale in Bandung in 1956 for upsetting the atmosphere created by China's willingness to join other Asian nations in a spirit of co-operation giving up the earlier much suspected interference in Asia, pointed the extent Indo-Chinese relations were then moving.
But they will be well advised to stay away from the precincts of such Holy shrines to carry out their remonstration dramas for fear of reprisals by various religious communities.
In a show of remonstration against him, the Anfield faithful burned Torres replica jerseys outside Anfield after his move was announced.
He responded to the extremely polite remonstration by the aggrieved driver with a rude gesticulation of his middle finger and a remark I would not wish to include in this column.
Indeed, it's rare for a play so full of remonstration and self-reproach to leave so little impact, notwithstanding the best efforts of director Anthony Page -- ably recovering from his dull NT "The Forest" earlier this year -- to animate what eventually resembles an exercise in veiled autobiography more likely to be purgative for the playwright than anyone else.
There might not be a manifest public outcry, but there is definitely a seething undercurrent of remonstration against the disregard for human life,' she said.
There is far more remonstration displayed than responsibility taken.
Not to the British public, John,' said Dec, in a dual act of apology and remonstration.