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Synonyms for remonstrance

the act of expressing strong or reasoned opposition

Synonyms for remonstrance

the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest

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This remonstrance was made as the batteau arrived close to the place where the deer was struggling with the water, his back now rising to the surface, now sinking beneath it, as the waves curled from his neck, the animal still sustaining itself nobly against the odds,
If she had asserted any influence over him beyond her plain faith in the truth and right of what she said; if she had concealed the least doubt or irresolution, or had harboured for the best purpose any reserve or pretence; if she had shown, or felt, the lightest trace of any sensitiveness to his ridicule or his astonishment, or any remonstrance he might offer; he would have carried it against her at this point.
Mosey was too resolutely bent on asserting her own importance, by making the most of the alarm that she had suffered, to be repressed by any ordinary method of remonstrance.
She turned white in the face, and drew her breath through her teeth in a savage sort of way; - but she offered no extenuation or defence; and with a kind of shameless calmness - shocking indeed to witness in one so young - as good as told me that my remonstrance was unavailing, and my pastoral advice quite thrown away upon her - nay, that my very presence was displeasing while I spoke such things.
It stimulated Bill's conscience to one last remonstrance.
What would happen should one of the moribund Spanish gun-boats be suddenly galvanized into a flicker of active life did not trouble us, once we were inside the bay--so completely did it appear out of the reach of a meddling world; and besides, in those days we were imaginative enough to look with a kind of joyous equanimity on any chance there was of being quietly hanged somewhere out of the way of diplomatic remonstrance.
As resistance was impossible, and remonstrance useless, Heyward set the example of submission, by leading the way into the canoe, where he was soon seated with the sisters and the still wondering David.
Heyward would have ventured a remonstrance had there been anything encouraging in the gloomy reserve of Magua.
Why you see, old chap," said Joe, in a tone of remonstrance, and by way of getting at it by degrees, "I wouldn't go so far as to say that, for that's a deal to say; but she ain't--"
What remained for me now, but to follow him to the dear old forge, and there to have out my disclosure to him, and my penitent remonstrance with him, and there to relieve my mind and heart of that reserved Secondly, which had begun as a vague something lingering in my thoughts, and had formed into a settled purpose?
It demonstrably did so, moreover, in a faithful French translation, published, according to its title, in the following month with no indication of publisher or place of publication: Remonstrance faicte [.
The significance of Brownson's assertion of the freedom of the church should be compared to the widely cited defense of conscience rights found in James Madison's "Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessments.
The argument was brilliantly encapsulated by James Madison in his famous "Memorial & Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments" (1785).
Madison penned the "Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments.
KARACHI -- National Accountability Court (NAB) Monday informed the Sindh High Court (SHC) that following a remonstrance against Sharjeel Memon, an enquiry is underway into leasing out illegally forest land.