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Synonyms for remodel

do over, as of (part of) a house

cast or model anew

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By participating in this shift away from traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper and phonebook ads, Da Silva Painting and Remodeling LLC will have a competitive advantage over other local remodeling contractors who do not have a Web site.
By utilizing a Parker & Sons remodeling specialist, homeowners will get to enjoy all the benefits of remodeling, while avoiding all the headaches and stress.
Of those that are going ahead with remodeling project, a variety of cost-cutting measures were listed, such as not using a general contractor (33 percent), doing the work themselves (64 percent) and using economy materials (9 percent).
As the voice of the remodeling industry, NARI has an inclusive, encompassing purpose:
The company recently refurbished all its Las Vegas stores, and is preparing to roll out the remodeling plan nationwide Monday, Franks said.
Although they made normal amounts of thyroid hormone, these mice had frail bones that were rapidly remodeling themselves--simultaneously destroying existing bone while adding new tissue inappropriately.
Nineteen change orders later and 60 percent over budget, this remodeling has taken a physical and spiritual toll.
The downside to this structure is the time constraint on the remodeling period and the fact that the remodeling contractors will be held responsible to the seller instead of the buyer.
If you're thinking about remodeling, decide how long you're likely to stay put, advises Middlebrook.
com - are eligible to win $10,000 from Welsh toward the cost of their next kitchen remodeling project simply by leaving their name, address, phone number, and email.
com)-- CTG Green Building and Remodeling today announced the launch of www.
para]]Lars Remodeling & Design recognized among North America's best customer service leaders within the residential construction industry[[/para]]
Remodeling activity slowed in the fourth quarter of 2005, according to the National Association of Home Builders' Remodeling Market Index.
The Cultural Center remodeling is expected to be completed in August, and the new council chambers should be ready by December.
A lot of folks don't realize what it takes to make money in this business," observes Ann Marie Moriarty, senior editor with the trade journal Remodeling.