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(of a disease) characterized by periods of diminished severity

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16 (Petra) - A slight drop in temperatures is expected Tuesday and the weather will be relatively cold and partly cloudy to cloudy with remittent rains, according to the Meteorological Department report.
A total of 37% of patients were classified as remittent, meaning that they progressed from depressed to nondepressed over the course of the study, said Ms.
Several authors have shown that the regions activated in patients with remittent or primary progressive forms of MS performing motor tasks were the classical motor regions as well as multimodal cortical regions which are normally not activated during the performance of tasks of this kind.
Whatever may be the other concurring causes of fevers, - particularly of bilious remittent and yellow fevers, -it seems to be universally conceded, that the most essential circumstance connected with them, is a high degree of atmospheric temperature.
Maria was a student nurse at the old East Glamorgan Hospital and hoped to become a midwife, but she was struck by remittent, relapsing multiple sclerosis.
In this regard, the House and Senate reports in explaining the application of section 864(c)(2) state "[t]hus, for example, are the assets held for future, or remittent, use in the business?
Adherence--defined as the percentage of days that the correct dose of aspirin was taken--was 67% for the persistently depressed group, compared with 86% for the remittent depressed and 87% for the nondepressed patients.