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Synonyms for reminisce



Synonyms for reminisce

to renew an image or thought in the mind

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recall the past

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Results showed mums elaborate more when reminiscing with their children than dads do, and there is no difference in the extent parents elaborate on a story depending on the sex of the child.
In his innovative biography Reminiscing in Tempo: A Portrait of Duke Ellington, Stuart Nicholson considers Ellington's foibles alongside his triumphs in order to engage with "Ellington as a man" (p.
The researchers found that mothers elaborated more when reminiscing with their children than fathers.
The Duke of York has been reminiscing about his days in the Royal Navy as a Sea King helicopter pilot, amid intense scrutiny over his role as Britain's trade envoy.
The highlight was Dot reminiscing about the first time she saw Ethel - "wolf-whistling at a lance corporal with bright red hair.
ELDERLY residents at a Bromsgrove care home will today be reminiscing and sharing tales from the past to mark National Tell a Story Day.
Mother Amanda does the best she can but can't help reminiscing about the ``gentlemen callers'' of her youth.
Three bus drivers reminiscing about a past coach tour to Heidelberg may not seem like a recipe for gripping hilarity.
The scenes include rehearsals with choreographers Maurice Bejart and Jiri Kylian, a farewell performance by etoile Elisabeth Platel, and dancers reminiscing about Rudolf Nureyev, who inspired many in the company.
Lemke notes that the men particularly enjoy sitting behind the wheel of the candy-apple-red Chevy truck in the "garage": "This is a real cue for reminiscing.
The gallery is filled with the histrionic voice of a young woman reminiscing about her East German childhood.
They are even closer now as adults often reminiscing about the good ole days, when the drill team was alive and well.
The second half of the show, Oberst will be reminiscing as Grizzard and commenting on his columns, which were syndicated to over 450 newspapers.
The computer programmer recently found himself reminiscing about Gemco, a Target-esque chain that existed in the 1970s and 1980s.
But as the next Documenta gears up--in the wake of this summer's low-risk Venice Biennale--some are already reminiscing about David's as, if not perfect, at least ambitious and smart, a stimulating argument about what a show like that could be.