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asked Anne, seeing that Captain Jim's fountain of reminiscence had run out for the present.
In ordinary cases, this indescribable impression is caused by the comparison and contrast between our imperfect reminiscences and the reality.
This Dialogue contains the first intimation of the doctrine of reminiscence and of the immortality of the soul.
The doctrine of reminiscence too is explained more in accordance with fact and experience as arising out of the affinities of nature (ate tes thuseos oles suggenous ouses).
The main character of the Dialogue is Socrates; but to the 'general definitions' of Socrates is added the Platonic doctrine of reminiscence.
Hock is full of fancy, and all wines are by their very nature full of reminiscence, the golden tears and red blood of summers that are gone.
He talked to me of London in a tone of half-painful reminiscence, asking all kinds of questions about changes that had taken place.
The notion had no ground in sense; it was probably no more than a reminiscence of similar calamities in childhood, for his father's room had always been the chamber of inquisition and the scene of punishment; but it stuck so rigorously in his mind that he must instantly approach the door and prove its untruth.
A Pictorial History and Reminiscences by residents in the towns and villages of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright is the work of Peter Westwood.
Among the tributes to him and his work are discussions of Yoichiro Nambu and the origin of mass, a visionary theorist who shaped modern particle physics, remembering an unusual physicist, the Nambu-Goldstone theorem and spin-statistics theorem, pre-string theory, some reminiscences from a long friendship, and Nambu's drama and humor at the root of quantum chromodynamics.
Work has begun on gathering reminiscences of former Presidents and Secretaries General.
And the store was happy to oblige and lent the charity the gear for the first two reminiscences events which were held at two sheltered accommodation centres including Pennyman House in North Ormesby.
Withenbury's 1838-1842 Red River Reminiscences is an annotated selection of letters by 1800's river boat captain W.
Houser, Eileen Hunt Boning was awarded the 2012 SSAWW Edition Award for the new edition of Hannah Mather Crocker's Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston.
The charity works specifically with older people to improve the quality of their life by valuing their reminiscences through dramas ands documentaries.