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Synonyms for reminisce



Synonyms for reminisce

to renew an image or thought in the mind

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recall the past

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Tickets for Reminisce 2015 are PS20 advance, kids under 5 free, kids under 14 PS5 from reminisce70s.
The Reminisce arena - the main arena - returns of course and will be all about piano anthems and vocal classics.
Our collection, 'The 1940s,' is a totally new kind of visual experience that captures the hopes, uncertainties, sacrifices and daily routines of our country during that era, both at war and at peace," said Bettina Miller, Editor of Reminisce, who spent more than a year sifting through story and film submissions from readers and others who contributed to the presentation.
30pm), hosted by veteran Welsh comedian Stan Stennett, reminisces with the stars of the variety theatre about the roots of their art in entertainment throughout the 1940s and '50s.
Our kick-off special will be an exciting way for our community and employees to reminisce and also look forward to WREG's next fifty years.
Recently he has now opened the Reminisce shop hiring and selling costumes and festival accessories.
The bus flags have been donated to Woodcroft Care Home in Trowbridge by Cardiff Bus and will be placed in the garden to encourage residents to reminisce about the journeys they used to make around Cardiff.
Parents were asked to reminisce about four past emotional experiences of the child (happy, sad, a conflict with a peer and a conflict with a parent) and two past play interactions they experienced together.
McPherson took some time to reminisce about his appointment as secretary of state in March 2005, after the resignation of predecessor Kevin Shelley.
To celebrate, the four - Capt Ian Beaumont, Capt Steve Greenwood, Cmdr Graham Charlesworth and Lt-Cmdr Phil Dickinson - arranged a lunch at the base wardroom to reminisce about their schooldays.
During their trip they reminisce about their careers and their friendship.
While older patrons still reminisce about the wild parties and famous faces of the past, an eclectic younger crowd fills Barfusser these days.
Although small, the rooms provide ample opportunity for residents to reminisce and relive.
Thousands of revellers are expected at the Reminisce 70s festival, organised by events company Events4Fun, where a host of tribute acts will perform.
Also taking you on a trip back in time is Club Reminisce at Bar Fresa on Colquitt Street.