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191) If this was the lesson that the Japanese drew from the trial, it certainly was not the lesson intended by the Americans, who sought to remilitarize Japan as an ally against the Soviet Union and who not only abandoned further war crimes prosecutions after the Tokyo trial was over, but (as in Germany) cooperated with and supported war criminals, including a future prime minister who the U.
The main opposition to his rapid-reaction force seems to be coming not from advocates of humane approaches to gang phenomena but rather from groups wary of plans to remilitarize the region along lines in keeping with US policy.
Eventually, under the pressures of the Cold War, Japan did cautiously remilitarize, but only under the banner of "Self Defense Forces," ground, maritime, and air units charged and equipped solely for limited defensive action.
drive to remilitarize world politics as the basis for consolidating its global hegemony in the post-Cold War conditions will tend to generate a vast and heterogeneous coalition of opposition across the globe for some time to come.
For a people just emerging from the military engagements of World War II, there was little will to remilitarize for a worldwide fight against communism.
We're here telling these countries to remilitarize when in fact the rest of NATO should be following them in demilitarizing," said Jonathan Dean, a former U.
More worrisome still for the Chinese leadership, with its vivid memories of the Second World War, Japan might be moved to remilitarize.
Since neither the Russian, nor the Indian economy come even close to half the size of the Chinese economy, since Europe and Japan are allied with the United States as well as still disinclined to remilitarize, the only conceivable challenger of US hegemony on the horizon is the People's Republic of China (Weede 1999).
Largely unnoticed by the American public, Abe Shinzo and Japan's conservative government have been quietly but resolutely seeking to remilitarize Japan.
In fact, many allegedly puzzling issues in East Asian IR in general--such as Japan's failure to remilitarize or the general lack of regional balancing toward China--are surprising only if one observes the world from a realist standpoint.
The education "reform," they say, is part of the government's efforts to promote patriotism and remilitarize the country in preparation for aggression abroad.
The veteran politician, who was once a close ally to Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, made the comments when asked to address concerns in South Korea that Japan is trying to use the missile launches as a momentum to remilitarize.
The initial pressure to remilitarize Dai-Guard stems solely from the sense that having to rely on civilians impugns the Army's "honor.
Conversely, the Japanese might react not by asking Americans to leave but by choosing to remilitarize.
The United States was forced to create a national security state and to remilitarize in 1948-50 if it was to continue to pursue and defend a liberal world order.