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the act of militarizing again

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Remilitarization has remained limited and the significant peace culture that continues (against many odds) to dominate both countries is not experienced as something imposed from outside but as a "markedly indigenous creature, embraced by populations devastated by the consequences of their own histories of militarism" (p.
6) To argue that Canada needs remilitarization to ensure access to the United States requires a belief that the United States would break these agreements--in effect, violate international law--to force Canada into line.
24) Yoshida's activism in intelligence matters certainly stands in stark contrast with his lack of enthusiasm for large-scale remilitarization.
In 1933, rearmament of Germany and the remilitarization of the Rheinland were on Hitler's priority agenda which he knew would provoke France and also Britain.
Germany's rearmament, remilitarization of the Rhineland, and annexation of Austria are all examples of undesirable behavior.
Bookending his narrative with the 1907 race riots in Vancouver and the 1954-56 Geneva Accords for Indochina, he addresses a range of issues, including changing Canadian concepts of race and empire and Canada's late diplomatic engagement with China, the implications of mapping Japanese expansionism within the context of Western imperialism, the interrelationship between struggles for equality by Asians and their descendants in Canada and struggles for decolonization in Asia, and the Cold War as remilitarization of the Pacific, among other topics.
On the remilitarization of Latin America, see Larry Birns & Nora Connor, Arms Transfers Hold up Peace: More Military Aid Is Not Colombia's Cure, WASH.
Remilitarization of African societies: Analysis of the planning behind proposed US Africa Command.
Protests against nuclear energy and the remilitarization of West Germany happened in the streets, outside the parliament, and in the political domain.
Tatsumi, an expert on remilitarization issues known to have served as an adviser to Yoshida, provided information concerning the establishment of Japanese government organs such as the Self-Defense Forces and the Cabinet intelligence office.
Likewise, the remilitarization of Japan can be fairly confidently anticipated, as that nation struggles for its share of raw materials and market share in a very competitive part of the world.
aid to the Georgian government reaches all victims of the August war -- and is used to address humanitarian needs, not remilitarization.
70) French bonds began to slide downward in 1935, even before the remilitarization of the Rhineland.
Fiction perhaps, but with Japan in the process of shrugging off its pacifist constitution, both North and South Korea are very concerned about the remilitarization of their former colonizer.