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the act of militarizing again

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Allowing the partial remilitarisation of Sinai would require a new agreement with Israel; if such a pact also paved the way to the future normalisation of the border crossing with Gaza it could be a breakthrough on a par with the 1979 Camp David Accords.
We are deeply concerned about the actions of the Georgian leadership aimed at the remilitarisation of the country, which are amazingly being met with a calm and even a positive reaction by some governments," Karasin said.
These may come over time from Russian remilitarisation, Chinese modernisation and military vitalisation and, in the very long run, the development of the European Union.
Subsequent years witnessed a remilitarisation of society, attacks on the civilian population by both UNITA and the MPLA, an aggravation of the culture of impunity, and UNITA's capture of 70% of the national territory, leading to the conversion of its guerilla forces into a conventional army.
I believe that had the British Government in 1936 opposed Hitler's remilitarisation of the Rhineland, the war which began in 1939 could have been avoided and most of the Jewish people who were later murdered by the Nazis could have been saved.
One of the results of the September 11 attacks could well be the beginning of Japan's remilitarisation and Japan's closer military cooperation with its allies.
While some advanced programmes are improving the capability of the Japanese military, a defence budget that has declined every year for the past decade and an enduring historical-cultural aversion to remilitarisation continue to place major constraints on Tokyo's strategic options.