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act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil

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One of the reasons that necessitate organization of conferences related to novel and environmental technologies is that engineers are not familiar with the new remediation technologies, and there are no standards required for the preservation of the environment.
Remediation Stipulation Program Many owners and developers consider the BCP too complicated and its public participation procedures too onerous.
A contends that if it treats the environmental remediation costs as deductible in 1993, rather than allocable to 1940-1987, it will not receive the full tax benefit because of the tax rate differences during the relevant years.
The matrix is part of the COSO framework and includes, but is not limited to, cycle identification; financial statement assertions; control objectives; control risks; control activities; control type; control frequency; control owner; test procedures; test results; gaps; and remediation needed.
While outdoor remediation would be challenging, the absence of sporicidal UV irradiation makes indoor remediation a particularly daunting task.
Accordingly, in August 2001 the NIEHS released a request for applications (RFA) titled "Innovative Technologies for Hazardous Waste Site Remediation and Monitoring," making funds available through the SBIR/STTR grants mechanism.
Bernard Software will leverage their respective expertise to provide their customers with the most advanced detection and remediation tools to combat any potential threat to network security.
Are Y2K remediation expenses reimbursable when they are incurred to maintain corporate "seaworthiness"?
3) Ongoing monitoring activities also were undertaken to ensure that the remediation efforts were successful.
The accounting standards executive committee (AcSEC) has issued an exposure draft of a proposed statement of position, Environmental Remediation Liabilities (including auditing guidance).
amp; PITTSBURGH -- Three premier environmental remediation and service firms have announced a strategic partnership to provide a highly engineered delivery system for the EHC-O[TM] controlled-release oxygen and nutrient releasing technology for use in groundwater wells.
This funding will provide 90% of eligible costs for onsite remediation and up to 100% of eligible costs for off-site remedial activities.
In both Situations 1 and 2, the environmental remediation costs N incurs in 2004 do not qualify for treatment under Sec.
While soils containing these contaminants can simply be dug up and carted off to landfills, that apparently cheap remedy is not without costs of another kind, says Ralph Baker, CEO and technology manager of TerraTherm, a firm specializing in environmental remediation and decontamination in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.