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Synonyms for remedial


special needs


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Synonyms for remedial

Synonyms for remedial

tending or intended to rectify or improve

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tending to cure or restore to health

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The logistic approach and the counterfactual or propensity models are consistent with one another, but they go against conventional wisdom that the reason that students in two-year colleges are more likely to enroll in remedial courses is that those students have weaker academic backgrounds.
Fortunately, recent research suggests that coupling of innovative remedial technologies (partial mass removal) with biostimulation may lead to more effective remediation (Christ et al.
Remedial education has spurred a debate among IHEs, faculty and even legislators, especially since more than 76 percent of students are enrolled in public institutions, and approximately two-thirds of those students are matriculated at four-year public schools, according to a 2001 report by the National Center for Education Statistics (nces.
At Cal State University, Northridge, math reformer and professor David Klein says CSUN watered down remedial courses after minority studies professors complained they were unfair to minorities.
Merely because (s)he points out ways in which the remedial action could have been "better" does not mean that the actions taken were inadequate.
Upon failing to qualify with their class during the normally scheduled pistol qualification course, new agent trainees receive a 1-hour individual or small-group remedial session.
Some colleges have found that even in these remedial and developmental courses, certain students need help beyond what is offered.
The evidence rule concerning subsequent remedial measures is among the most misunderstood rules of evidence.
Supreme Court issued an important decision striking down federally funded remedial education classes at private religious schools, and then-Secretary of Education William Bennett was livid.
Schools offering remedial programs do so for three major reasons: (1) a sense of moral obligation to college applicants who lack some skills necessary to succeed at college but who, it is believed, can achieve college readiness with finite, short term remedial assistance; (2) a sense of guilt, on the part of some teacher education institutions, that the very unprepared students who apply to colleges have been taught by teachers these schools have trained; and (3) as a way of maintaining or boosting enrollments in times of national enrollment decline.
Current accounting practice shows future cost estimates usually accrue as a liability when a company completes a remedial investigation/feasibility study, the process that determines the cleanup method to be used.
As a result, retroactive application of the proposed hedging regulations would also require the IRS to permit taxpayers to employ some form of remedial action to mitigate unanticipated tax consequences.
The TAM relies on earlier cases in which a taxpayer that had chosen to forgo (whether innocently or intentionally) annual maintenance, which later resulted in the need for extensive remedial operations, was required to capitalize remedial expenditures.
Parliaments Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services today expressed its concern with the conflicting and confusing messages being relayed by the Office of the Public Protector regarding the remedial action of her predecessor.
AP) -- State officials have restructured how remedial courses at Tennessee colleges operate.