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capable of being remedied or redressed


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The second part of the Liebowitz and Margolis analysis is the claim that remediable path dependence is rare.
The omissions proved in relation to undertaking appropriate testing: making an urgent referral and communicating clearly with the patient, are failings that are remediable.
In keeping with Waitemata District Health Board's commitment to ensuring quality, the overall aims of our study are to identify remediable factors, educate, inform and ensure better outcomes for all patients receiving PN throughout New Zealand.
The clinical presentation is heterogeneous and nonspecific, but the risk of pancreatitis is high and is remediable by dietary fat restriction.
Rather, it is an acknowledgment that there may be remediable issues involved in these requests too, and both society and professionals have a duty to attempt to eliminate, to the degree possible, premature deaths that result from these factors.
Questionnaires also may be useful in some settings to target education about potentially remediable risk factors for lead exposure regardless of children's current BLLs.
Some of these risk factors are potentially remediable, but some are not.
With Michelangelo, one feels power but rarely mystery-or if there is mystery, it is, I think, remediable and due only to our ignorance.
One factor that cuts right across the boards--but is easily remediable with the right solution--is file fragmentation.
Contract notice: Intellectual Services Contract For The Construction Of A Calibration Study As Part Of The Redevelopment Of The Town Center Of Lodve, Operation ~Resorption Irreversible Habitat _ Treatment Of Remediable Inadequate Housing And Recovery Operation Real Estate ~
The term "Health inequality" is used to describe a difference in population groups that is largely socially determined and, in theory, remediable.
Failure to take an adequate daily vitamin D supplement and lack of physician counseling regarding vitamin D's importance to skeletal health are readily remediable through patient and physician education.
Two risk factors--failure to take an adequate daily vitamin D supplement and lack of physician counseling about vitamin D's importance to skeletal health--are readily remediable through patient and physician education.
Though early medical reports--magnified through the lens of the popular media into a picture of NICUs filled with the Charles Mansons of the future--probably overstated the physical and behavioral consequences of prenatal drug exposure, studies have by now established that many babies whose mothers used cocaine and other drugs during pregnancy will have been harmed, in ways that are not always remediable.
James Maddalena's Count Abnaviva and elements of Adrianne Lobel's set design -presented difficulties of a more remediable nature.