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Synonyms for remark

Synonyms for remark

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

an expression of fact or opinion

Synonyms for remark

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The censorship rules and other methods compel and insist art also to work as a state apparatus, the rule which declared writers like Remarque as a threat to the society.
Em Nada de Novo no Front (2004), Erich Remarque reconta aquilo que o soldado comum alemao teria vivido no front da primeira guerra mundial a partir do olhar do personagem Paul Baumer--curiosamente, nome que o autor possuia antes de se tornar escritor, mas que, apos a guerra, decidiu abandonar.
Where Remarque contrasts soldiers' knowledge with civilians' ignorance, Bigelow emphasizes the difference between military duties and domestic routine.
At one point Remarque has us see butterflies through Paul Baumer's eyes:
Murdoch has also performed a great service in registering exactly what Remarque published, in what order and when, and how various films relate to the writings--tasks made all the more difficult because Remarque enjoyed playing the mystery-man.
A remarque is when a printer works into a print further using a media other than the one used to print.
Remarque de philosophie comparee", de Dominique Urvoy.
Alexander Sokurov's Spiritual Voices (1995), a documentary of Russian soldiers surviving on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, was an antiwar plea in the tradition of Crane and Re Remarque.
The newly built Hotel Remarque, named after Osnabruck's native son Erich Maria Remarque of All Quiet on the Western Front fame and located just outside the medieval town walls, is able to host large international congresses.
En el primero, Grass recrea el encuentro de dos escritores que participaron como soldados en la Primera Guerra Mundial: Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970), y Ernst Junger (1895-1998).
In spite of efforts to the contrary, the whole matter was officially wound up at about the time Remarque himself died in 1970, even though some of those involved were still alive and could have been brought to justice.
With this tale about a class of schoolmates who had gone off to war, full of youthful enthusiasm, only to be destroyed, one by one, cruelly and methodically, Remarque had struck a nerve.
Firda's thorough and wide-ranging monograph is not the 'first book-length study of All Quiet on the Western Front' which it claims to be: Hubert Ruter's Remarque.
All Quiet on the Western Front Novel by Remarque, Erich Maria , published in 1929 as Im Westen nichts Neues.
Remarque was working as a sports writer in Germany when he wrote his first and most celebrated novel.