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have confidence or faith in

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Motorists are also relying on DIY breakdown measures when driving abroad.
Although my typical response was to gently redirect students to the website for the information they sought, I found it might take several weeks before most students formed the habit of relying on the extensive resources I had provided.
By correlating information gleaned from different detection methodologies, results are considerably more reliable and actionable than relying on just one indicator.
By contrast, the Validation Approach involves retaining metadata with the transaction record that shows the party relying on the signature checked and validated it at the time of the transaction.
Some conduct must have linked the accountant to the relying party.
sample size - number of companies in the study - sampling error, reliability, range restriction, use of confidence intervals rather than statistical significance), this set of hypothetical studies would almost certainly have been conducted in various venues, at different times, with firms of various sizes, while relying on a myriad of different measurements of board independence and corporate financial performance.
As the next century dawns and the date counters cycle back to 00, computers relying on two-digit dates can no longer distinguish between 2000 and 1900.
A taxpayer relying upon a prescribed method (such as the resale price method) that is later determined to be inapplicable, however, is seemingly precluded from defending itself against the assertion of a penalty if it subsequently relies upon an "other" method.
Image based spam is difficult to detect if you are relying on traditional products that have basic email security functions," said Brian Burke, research manager at IDC.
If a client asks an adviser whether an accuracy-related penalty can be avoided by relying on the adviser's opinion, does this mean the client did not act in good faith?
a floppy disk or CD) on an intermittent basis is no longer an adequate solution to recover from data loss, nor is strictly relying on occasional scheduled off-site, tape or server data storage methods.
County officials have said there are areas in Acton, Agua Dulce and the Antelope Valley where there is no municipal system and residents are relying on well water.
The Court also held that Gutterman acted reasonably in relying upon Romano's misrepresentations of a sewer connection.
An Illinois circuit court ruling limits the effectiveness of section 30 of the Illinois Public Accounting Act ("the Privity Act"), which defined statutorily the accountant's duty to third parties relying on financial statements.
With customer expectations growing and devices becoming more and more powerful, customers are now relying on their smartphones as standalone devices instead of companions to the desktop.