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Synonyms for rely

have confidence or faith in

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Take courage, sir; but at the same time rely on our royal gratitude.
Germaine's, and was in want of an assistant on whose capacity he could rely.
The peddler with his pack traversed the country by all manner of lonely roads, and was compelled to rely upon the country people for hospitality.
We so rely upon the orderly operation of familiar natural laws that any seeming suspension of them is noted as a menace to our safety, a warning of unthinkable calamity.
He was therefore not only a friend on whom I might rely, but a friend who was personally acquainted with Dexter as well.
For my own part, I do not hesitate to say that, notwithstanding all the evidence produced against her, I believe and rely on her perfect innocence.
I put two sentinels of my own company, on whom I could rely, to keep the door.
In this emergency it naturally occurred to my mind that a countryman of his own, on whom I could rely, might be the fittest person to help me.
Well known price comparison sites seem to be jumping on the unbiased price comparison theme even though it is impossible for them to be unbiased because of the paid advertising they rely upon.
4942 purposes will be simplified if the foreign recipient has an IRS determination letter; it may rely on the Service's determination that the foreign organization is exempt under Sec.
RFID chips also are vulnerable to security breaches, especially because they rely on radio waves from readers to provide them power and read information.
77% for each of the last three years--this could have potentially dire consequences for many African American students who rely on the grants.
Although most course management systems (CMS) include synchronous communication tools, such as chat rooms and white boards, as Alvin Wang and Michael Newlin explain, "most Web-based courses rely primarily on asynchronous communication to deliver course information to students" (par.
By faithfully relying on security devices that (a) protect the network perimeter and (b) rely on signature-based technology, the hackers have now devised attacks to take advantage of this paradigm.
Some who work in large health plans rely primarily upon internal clinical policy bulletins and technology evaluation centers.