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Synonyms for relocation

the act or process of moving from one place to another

Synonyms for relocation

the transportation of people (as a family or colony) to a new settlement (as after an upheaval of some kind)

the act of changing your residence or place of business


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With Patrick's almost 30 years of unparalleled industry expertise, I'm confident that Baird & Warner will strengthen its position as a force in the corporate relocation business," said Laura Ellis, senior vice president and general sales manager at Baird & Warner, Chicagoland's largest locally-owned independent residential real estate services company.
But landlords and developers said the proposed relocation fees are too high, don't take into account tenants' incomes or length of residency and could be levied even if a planned condo conversion never goes through.
A good plan will define what is to be moved, when it is to happen, who is responsible and the timeline for each aspect of the relocation.
While extravagant packages may not be as commonplace as in recent years, most companies realize that providing relocation packages is a vital part of a successful relocation and continue to make this essential investment," says Ms.
Alliance Relocation Services handles all aspects of a move.
Because it was not feasible to stop the pipeline flow during the relocation, Badger dug new trenches, installed replacement pipe and diverted the How to the relocated portion.
A description of unresolved issues - the types of additional liabilities that may result in an adjustment to the allocation of the acquisition cost for the business combination and how any adjustments will be reported - if the acquiring company has not finalized an exit, termination or relocation plan as of the balance sheet date.
This is an exciting and important milestone in the integration of the combined relocation companies and unites us under a common, clear identity in the marketplace," said Rick Schwartz, president, Brookfield Global Relocation Services.
Trippel Survey & Research conducted this survey -- which launched September 12 and concluded October 1 -- with the goal of obtaining evaluations from corporate relocation managers regarding levels of satisfaction with firms in the relocation industry.
This acquisition has benefited both SIRVA Relocation and DJK Residential --and most importantly, our clients.
ReloJapan's relocation team has been in the business of 'expats helping expats' since 1991.
Scott Shafer of HW Burbank said the relocation plan is fair for residents.
With many businesses moving or expanding their operations to new locations, tax practitioners should carefully review the costs associated with the relocation effort to maximize the available tax benefits.
For financial statement purposes, these relocation costs generally are expensed when incurred.
And for the Second Straight Year, Two of the Top Five Surveys Worldwide Belong to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, According to Expatica HR