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settled in a new location


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The firm said that it would continue to offer services to customers from the relocated site, with the exception of clearing and credit related services, which would be provided from the existing site.
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) is cautious about predicting how those who relocated to her state might impact voting patterns there.
was emptied in the late 1990s and demolished in 2000, Berryman was relocated along with the other residents.
The relocated office will contain state-of-the-art facilities with additional space for client educational seminars and satellite-based discussions on late-breaking financial news.
Currently, overhead telephone lines are being removed and relocated.
The corresponding earned value management provision and clause are relocated from DFARS 252.
The unmanned aircraft was not allowed to fly directly to the test range, so the team and equipment had to be relocated.
org) have joined forces to offer relocated hurricane businesses the opportunity to network at Houston's Largest Networking Event and Expo, the HNN Business Expo.
and relocated its North American office from Jersey City.
1 -- color) Activist John Quigley, who camped out in Old Glory for 10 weeks last year, stands by the tree, which is scheduled to be relocated.
The survey revealed that at present, the largest proportion of relocated employees for permanent (47 percent), short-term (34 percent) and commuter (36 percent) assignments within the United States are married men.
and Morrow & Company relocated in Stamford; Stolt-Nielsen, Media Horizons and Pepperidge Farms relocated in Norwalk; Wilton Re relocated in Wilton; Praxair, Inc.
The relocated text contains procedures for contracting officer use in obtaining tax relief and duty-free import privileges for acquisitions conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom.
Hundreds of Cactus students could be relocated to Tamarisk if Cactus is converted to a middle school, Smith said.