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Synonyms for relistening

the act of hearing again


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According to Troy Edwards, manager of the law firm's BigHand project, the solution enables emails, documents, and file notes to be structured more quickly since they only need proofing, and don't need listening, typing, and relistening.
The record label Domino is releasing the seven disc Orange Juice retrospective box-set Coals To Newcastle - have you been very involved in the project and how does it feel relistening to the young Edwyn?
something that became "very meaningful on relistening.
Each week, the members of each team listened to three 20-minute segments of three different sessions for one counselor - client pair, prepared transcripts of the counselor's responses for those sessions, and then rated all responses from the sessions while relistening to the audiotapes.
A content analysis of materials was conducted by reviewing students' earlier work in the course, then looking at each students' two special learning playgrounds, relistening to their verbal presentations, and reviewing the three recorded interviews.
There are many rewards to be found not only from our rereading of Shakespeare's plays, but also from our relistening to them, our being aware that the plays were conceived for a dramatic delivery in heightened spoken language for acting.