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Synonyms for relinquishment

a giving up of a possession, claim, or right

Synonyms for relinquishment

a verbal act of renouncing a claim or right or position etc

the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc

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A veterinarian in Australia is using education to help prevent relinquishment of cats by educating new owners about cat behavior.
In his eulogizing word in remembrance of his martyr son, former President Amine Gemayel vowed "to continue to resist till the last breath, despite all relinquishment.
The record may be due to the fact that a correction was adopted in the penultimate working day of the previous parliament in February, which removed the pre-term relinquishment limit.
Among its services, Pethealth has a cloud-based shelter management application, an online adoptable pet search tool with a live feed of adoptable shelter pets and a national report using aggregate data on pet adoptions and relinquishment affecting animal welfare.
2] and will be subject to Eritrea's existing relinquishment regime for exploration licenses--three years of no relinquishment followed by two one-year renewals, with a 25% annual area reduction beginning after year three.
May 23 and review stations they can possibly bid on, each station's bidding status, the initial relinquishment option assigned to the station and bid options with associated vacancy ranges and next round clock price offers.
1967 -- The Relinquishment Agreement signed between the Kuwaiti government and BP Kuwait Ltd, Gulf Kuwait Co, and Kuwait Oil Company Ltd approved in a decree by law by His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah.
Despite the relinquishment, LukSar has drilled the first of five appraisals in the part of the block it has kept to better understand the finds made at Tukhman and Mushayib/Faydah.
The choice of block sizes should take into consideration several factors, mainly, the type of opportunity (for instance, onshore or offshore, shallow or deepwater), level of competition, license duration, and relinquishment provision, which determines the proportion of the block that investors should return to the government at the end of each period of their exploration license.
W Lalith Daulagala who was serving as the Commandant, Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force (SLAVF) has been appointed as Director General Projects of the Army Headquarters after relinquishment of his office at SLAVF.
Pervez Musharraf has requested the court to provide him copy of notification on relinquishment of charge of army chief by him and appointment of Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani as army chief.
The member of Parliament referred to two reports of the Director General of Hydrocarbons ( DGH) and recommendations of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India which suggested relinquishment by RIL of this area from the KG- D6 block.
Biazon, on the other hand, acknowledged Lim's letter of relinquishment of duties.
In conjunction with the relinquishment, the Company will expense its carrying value of Blocks A-B, which is approximately $19 million.
Among specific topics are bringing the arts and design into the discussion of transhumanism, intelligent information filters and enhanced reality, immortalist fictions and strategies, the open society and its media, and progress and relinquishment.