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Synonyms for relinquishing

a verbal act of renouncing a claim or right or position etc

the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc

References in classic literature ?
I wrung his hand, mentally relinquishing my secretaryship while I thanked him for the invitation.
I don't dare go out," said Anne, in the tone of a martyr relinquishing all earthly joys.
The true husbandman will cease from anxiety, as the squirrels manifest no concern whether the woods will bear chestnuts this year or not, and finish his labor with every day, relinquishing all claim to the produce of his fields, and sacrificing in his mind not only his first but his last fruits also.
I had succeeded in killing a hawk and two crows when I came within sight of the mansion; and then, relinquishing further depredations, I sauntered on, to have a look at the old place, and see what changes had been wrought in it by its new inhabitant.
Mr Allworthy answered to all this, and much more, which the captain had urged on this subject, "That, however guilty the parents might be, the children were certainly innocent: that as to the texts he had quoted, the former of them was a particular denunciation against the Jews, for the sin of idolatry, of relinquishing and hating their heavenly King; and the latter was parabolically spoken, and rather intended to denote the certain and necessary consequences of sin, than any express judgment against it.
Still there was that lingering tenderness in their hearts towards the old positions they were relinquishing, that they prolonged their parting.
exclaimed the old man relinquishing his hold of Hector, and moving stoutly to the side of the totally unconscious naturalist.
said the locksmith, unwillingly relinquishing the candle he had caught up from the table.
Relinquishing his hat and gloves, Mr Rokesmith sat down quietly at the table, arranged the open papers into an orderly heap, cast his eyes over each in succession, folded it, docketed it on the outside, laid it in a second heap, and, when that second heap was complete and the first gone, took from his pocket a piece of string and tied it together with a remarkably dexterous hand at a running curve and a loop.
He and the child were on the point of going out together for a walk, and without relinquishing her hand, the schoolmaster hurried away, leaving the messenger to follow as she might.
According to a TRA official, engaged in the trading of public telecommunication numbers or relinquishing their use is considered a legal violation that is punishable as per the Telecommunication Regulatory Act.
Relinquishing power in politics more often than not brings back greater power.
The LHC was hearing a petition seeking contempt of court proceedings against President Asif Ali Zardari for not relinquishing political office.
As compensation for Dana Gas relinquishing its rights, Candax will forego its claim for the payment of certain taxes and will make a one off payment in the event that a commercial discovery is made in the Deep Triassic zone.
objectivity and transparency" including the relinquishing of nuclear energy