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Synonyms for relinquishing

a verbal act of renouncing a claim or right or position etc

the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc

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Once the three relinquishing stations vacate their spectrum, WNBC will channel-share with Telemundo O&O WNJU-47.
Other anecdotes show that even when an infant is safely relinquished, legal consequences for the relinquishing mother depend on social circumstances not addressed by the laws.
Mano Perera has been appointed as Director General Sports after relinquishing his office as the Commander, Security Force Headquarters - Central.
objectivity and transparency" including the relinquishing of nuclear energy
We are still a state that has a place in the Security Council and relinquishing our national commitments will lead to our isolation by the international community," Harb said.
LN) said Friday it is in the process of relinquishing its rights in Libya and once it receives permission from Libya's National Oil Company it will exit the country.
and BP are voluntarily relinquishing leases on 28,730 acres.
The person relinquishing the animal may not be the rightful owner.
The author argues that the cultural assumption that "normal" women do not voluntarily become pregnant with the intention of relinquishing the child for money, together with the assumption that 'normal' women 'naturally' bond with the children they bear, frames much of this research.
Quoting from Israel's criminal legislation at a meeting of the Knesset Golan Lobby on Monday, Knesset Member Arieh Eldad (National Union-National Religious Party) said that relinquishing territory to Syria is a crime that entails the death penalty.
One judge dissented, agreeing with the Eighth Circuit's reasoning; however, based on that reasoning, the judge said, Rase's payments still were FICA wages since he had accepted the severance pay without relinquishing his tenure rights.
He added he was temporarily relinquishing the presidency to defence minister Raul.
By embracing (instead of erasing) the imperfections in my students' texts--and by relinquishing my unrealistic demand for perfection--I was delivered, sober, into a real community with my students where we all could learn: "From flawedness flows the need for help" (Kurtz and Ketcham 20).
Thus, the court held that payments in exchange for relinquishing tenure rights under a contract were not wages for FICA purposes.