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that has been withdrawn or retreated from

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He had relinquished his marriage with Christine Daae.
Let us no less admire the candor with which they relinquished it, upon discovering its irremediable inefficacy.
The States within the limits of whose colonial governments they were comprised have claimed them as their property, the others have contended that the rights of the crown in this article devolved upon the Union; especially as to all that part of the Western territory which, either by actual possession, or through the submission of the Indian proprietors, was subjected to the jurisdiction of the king of Great Britain, till it was relinquished in the treaty of peace.
He relinquished her hand, still looking at her, and she turned to leave the room.
Let us say in passing that he had changed his baldric and relinquished his cloak.
Luigi slowly relinquished Teresa's arm, which he had held beneath his own, and Teresa, accompanied by her elegant cavalier, took her appointed place with much agitation in the aristocratic quadrille.
Being childless, she could not remain beautiful by proxy, in the person of a daughter; she therefore refused to grow old and ugly, on any consideration; she struggled with Time, and held fast her roses in spite of him, till the venerable thief appeared to have relinquished the spoil, as not worth the trouble of acquiring it.
The mountaineers spurned at their offer, and declared that, unless all the horses were relinquished, the prisoners should be burnt to death.
Louisa herself had relinquished her reins, and, with her hands pressed on her face, sat bending forward in her saddle, in an attitude of despair, mingled strangely with resignation.
In ancient times the power of the kings extended to everything whatsoever, both civil, domestic, and foreign; but in after-times they relinquished some of their privileges, and others the people assumed, so that, in some states, they left their kings only the right of presiding over the sacrifices; and even those whom it were worth while to call by that name had only the right of being commander-in-chief in their foreign wars.
During the two years that had elapsed previous to their marriage my father had gradually relinquished all his public functions; and immediately after their union they sought the pleasant climate of Italy, and the change of scene and interest attendant on a tour through that land of wonders, as a restorative for her weakened frame.
As an exception, these numbers may be relinquished after a fee payment of OMR20 to the authority in accordance with the following cases and conditions -- between spouses or first degree relatives on condition that the marriage or the relation is proved, these numbers can be relinquished to new employees by companies after the services of one of their employees is terminated," the official said.
First he relinquished his job for the cause of the people and became an activist that gave him greater power than he enjoyed as an employee.
18032 and 24953, creating new annual filing requirements for taxpayers who exchange California relinquished properties for like-kind, non-California replacement properties under IRC Sec.
What if the taxpayer has no net equity in the relinquished property or the property is underwater?