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provide with a new lining

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put new lines on

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In addition to the hearth reline, other routine maintenance work was also completed on the blast furnace.
They offer a wide range of services including new complete Dentures, Relines, Soft linings and Chrome Dentures.
Simon Bull, reline manager, explains: "We looked at an existing survey and realised that the situation was quite bad.
Gradmatic offers technology to automatically reline induction melting furnaces with dry refractory.
A CCTV survey showed that the pipe needed to be relined, but the choice of reline material was limited by the production processes involved and the extreme temperatures of the waste (up to 90[degrees]C) to be carried.
The principle factor in deciding on a 2005 reline was the technical condition of the furnace.
After yesterday's meeting a spokesman said: 'If we did reline the third furnace at Llanwern then it would be business as usual.
AK Steel said today that the reline of the blast furnace hearth at its Ashland, Kentucky Works was successful and the blast furnace has returned to full production following an approximate four week, planned outage for maintenance work.
We view this as a significant milestone for our company in that we now provide full internal manufacturing and reline services for our power sections.
While originally designed to reline horizontal pipe, Plumbing Professors used proprietary techniques that allowed them to reline the vertical pipes using the patented epoxy lining system.
A Tees valley company has won a major contract to reline pipes in Tasmania.
The proposed plan is to reline or replace the concrete sewers, beginning with sewers that are located in back yards with no access to complete repairs if a collapse occurs.
Our licensees are clamoring for this product because, unlike destructive and costly pipe replacement, they can reline as many as four to five homes in a single day, in almost any kind of pipe.
The drawback to using these ladles is their difficulty to clean and reline.