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Synonyms for religiousness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religiousness

piety by virtue of being devout

the quality of being extremely conscientious

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His major research interests include religiousness, mental health, and alcohol use among adolescents and young adults; family processes; and positive psychology.
Participants' perceptions and experiences of cross-gender relationships were then compared based on the intersections of religion, religiousness, and gender.
In order to track the aspects of religiousness acquired by children and to discern the mechanisms and (social) forces that are involved in this, it is necessary to define a variable that can be taken as an operational identifier of Buddhist religiousness.
The religious life is divided into two more types, Religiousness A and Religiousness B.
This research dates back to the 1970s, when scientists at the University of Minnesota conducted a study on twins separated at birth and showed that genes do indeed play an important role in what they called "intrinsic religiousness.
Positive associations between religiousness and mental health also were found in a cross-sectional study of older adults.
This funny (and translated) cartoon sums up the female experience under the cloak of so-called religiousness.
In general, atheism and the level of non religiousness is growing," Shariff said.
The transition to religiousness B (Christianity) can actually be enabled by Socratic subjectivity, even though immanent Platonic dialectic affords no foothold for such a movement.
I don't know whether Bachmann's religiousness is out of conviction or self-interest.
Empirical studies have strongly supported the conclusion that religiousness or spirituality has a positive effect on the well-being of older adults (Kendler et al.
Believing in the Christian God has nothing to do with superstition and means giving away your pride and self-contentment," said Alexandrov, adding that true Christian religiousness is not rampant in Bulgaria.
The specific variables we investigate are those found to be predictive of AA participation in previous literature, including education, gender, race, spirituality, religiousness, extroversion, and addiction severity.
Exploring how young adult Catholics conceive of spirituality and religiousness enables higher education professionals to understand more fully how these concepts are regarded and, as a result, more adequately foster their spiritual and religious development.