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Synonyms for religiousness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religiousness

piety by virtue of being devout

the quality of being extremely conscientious

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Women in both samples had higher odds of mentioning such social values as respecting others and religiousness, and women in the Russian sample were more likely to mention politeness.
The first two variables tend to lose relevance as variables in the three other groups of factors are added to the subsequent models, religiousness being the most stable variable.
Barnes [12] believes that suffering is a common ground for spirituality, religiousness, and medicine.
English, 25, states "religious people ought not bolster sectarianism and express their religiousness as indicated by brilliant standards of Islam".
Koenig (2004) surveyed relevant literature and research conducted before 2000 and found that in 71% of 500 studies there was a relationship between religiousness and good mental health.
Muslim Experiential Religiousness in Pakistan: Meaning in Life, General Well-Being and gender differences.
The lack of understanding between the Yugoslav authorities and the Catholic Church led to the harsh condemnation of religiousness by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia.
For example, in a series of experiments, Jonas and Fischer (2006) demonstrated that people high in intrinsic religiousness (i.
One potential predictor is religiousness and individual variables pertaining to religious identity.
intrinsic religiousness, religious fundamentalism, and spiritual well-being) alters the strength of the relation between living a calling and life meaning; (c) whether meaning in life mediates the relation between living a calling and life satisfaction; and (d) whether the strength of one's religiousness and spirituality continues to moderate the living calling-life meaning relation while life meaning is simultaneously included as a mediator in the full model.
As stated above, independent variables were divided into 4 groups related to socio-demographic variables and closeness to events, such as age (how old the individual was at the moment of answering the questionnaire), religiousness (importance assigned to their religious ideas; response options ranged from 1 = "not important" to 7 = "very important"), political ideas (a 7-level variable, from extreme left to extreme right), and exposure to violence ("Do you consider yourself a victim of violence by the State or its agents in the period 1973 to 1989?
To argue my point about the wisdom of love, I will investigate what Kierkegaard calls "true faith" or religiousness B and show how it is understood as a second immediacy in relation to God and how, as such, it can clarify what Kierkegaard takes to be the Christian call to love one's neighbor, especially as manifested in action, in "works of love.
Casablanca la bella is almost a religious work but, of course, characterized by a negative religiousness that reveals a profound and furious nostalgia for the one who appears to be the cause of all the author's misfortunes: God, the Father and Creator, and his son, Cristoloco (Crazy Christ); God, who created man, woman, and, of course, Colombia.
Implications for practice focused on assessing perceived unfairness and integrating clients' religiousness.
He added that "confronting extremism cannot be done by fighting religiousness altogether", and that "the best way to curb extremism and eliminate it is by spreading the tolerance of Islam".