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Rajan Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that a special curriculum should be prepared for students who were non-believers as an alternative to the study of religious texts, Rajan Zed stressed.
Drawn to study Hindu religious texts since high-school days, 38-year-old Sadiq Ali is presently a charm for people to listen hymns and religious prayers from in public gatherings.
In the official swearing-in for all members of Congress, no religious texts of any kind are used.
The tablet's necessary effect on those who see it is to endorse or advance the unique importance of this predominantly religious text for mainline Protestantism," U.
While some supporters of Ten Commandments monuments in other states had erected displays with the religious text standing alongside other historical documents, Moore promised supporters during his campaign for the state Supreme Court than his monument would protect the sacred nature of the Decalogue and would not be part of a larger display.
Board member Joe Clayton, a former private school administrator, introduced the plan in early August, arguing that posting the religious text would "solve a lot of problems.
Associating religious text with animals is highly offensive in Islam.
Hosted by the Julis-Rabinowitz Program on Jewish and Israeli Law at Harvard Law School, the conference broadly approached the question of transgender identity in religious text and experience.
Common practice is to use a Bible, some other religious text or the US Constitution when taking the oath.
In a society where corruption is rampant and crime graph against women is rising what is required is inculcation of human, ethical and moral values common to all religions by taking examples from various religious traditions instead imposing the study of a particular religious text on all students.
Lecturer Steven Conlon said: "Everyone has a right to their religious beliefs but the selective interpretation of religious text and its use as a language of hate has no place in society.
According to the Hadith (a Muslim religious text of Mohammed's sayings and practices), a Jewish woman in the Jewish town of Khaibar gave Muhammad poisoned meat which killed him three years later.
novel, story and tale, then the myth that is related to the stories will have more impact in making a religious text like Torah important.
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