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FREEDOM of worship and performance of religious rituals is being guaranteed according to the Constitution and the law, and this has nothing to do with any gathering or council, Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister said yesterday.
A devotee, Devender Singh said they will light the earthen lamps and will perform religious rituals to celebrate the festival.
Coroner's officer Arthur Flower said: "At 9pm that day a fisherman on the beach saw a male and female in the water acting strangely, as if involved in some sort of religious ritual.
The religious rituals of ancient Greeks and Romans included many uses for wine.
v) Some insight into aspects of this current debate can be gained from examining a representative sample of preindustrial societies for their patterns of religious ritual restriction.
Rabbi Kenneth Chasen of Leo Baeck Temple, a reform synagogue in West Los Angeles, is stunned by the comfort of so many non-Jewish children in asking for a Jewish bar or bat mitzvah - or a meal of ritual celebration - without the religious ritual.
Here we turn to urban public religious ritual from nonmajority religious cultures.
Amid the strictures of religious ritual and the interpretation of omens, Libertus is ordered to investigate, only to find his life threatened by a mob when his intervention is deemed to have angered the gods.
A thoroughly engrossing and for the most part convincing notion, O'Connell's evidence for its validity lies partly in the ending of The Winter's Tale, where the incarnation presumably represented by the statue of Hermione displaces religious ritual but nevertheless provides viewers with an idolatrou s moment directed not at religious experience but to an affirmation of hope and renewal in human life.
The final selection of the reincarnation was broadcast over Chinese television as though it were a state as well as a religious ritual.
This monograph on ancient Greek religious ritual provides an examination and analysis of the textural artifact outlining the rules of ceremony for one of the lesser known Mysteries, or religious cults.
Officials of the Iraqi holy city of Karbala which hosts the shrines of Muslim Shiites' third Imam, Imam Hossein (AS), and his brother Hazrat Abbas (AS) had announced earlier that the city is prepared to provide security for pilgrims during the annual religious ritual of Arba'een, the 40th day after Ashoura which marks martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossein (AS).
Archaeologists say she is one of three Inca children sacrificed in a religious ritual 500 years ago.
But smoke and an explosion were seen as pilgrims converged on nearby Kerbala for the Shia religious ritual of Ashura.