religious rite

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an established ceremony prescribed by a religion

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They are peculiar people in many respects, not only in their form of worship and religious rites but also in that they breed lions as other people breed cattle.
These men are generally quiet and well-conducted; from their outward conduct, their cleanliness, and faithful observance of their strange religious rites, it was impossible to look at them with the same eyes as on our wretched convicts in New South Wales.
He had some half-formed conception of their superstitious fears and of their especial dread of night, and so he decided to wait until darkness fell and the blacks partially worked to hysteria by their dancing and religious rites before he took any steps toward the freeing of Numa.
ISLAMABAD -- Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has launched an Umra's training program, enabling the people to perform their religious rite in a befitting manner.
Which religious rite is used to expel evil spirits?
They affirmed categorical rejection of attempts to politicise Hajj and use this religious rite for tendentious political goals.
The man then performed a religious rite, killed the boy and dumped his body.
He said he performed a religious rite and butchered the lad on the advice of a village shaman in Nawalparasi district, which is close to the border with India.
His actions were offensive and therefore mocked a religious rite.
Despite German public opinion polls that actually favor a circumcision ban, government officials were quick to reassure rightly upset international and religious onlookers that the German government would be swift in enacting legislation in the fall to guarantee the continued legality of the religious rite.
However it is not a riot, but a tradition that has since become a religious rite.
Many of the deaths occurred in a two-week period around a Muslim religious rite as suspected insurgents challenged the new Shiite-led government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, attacking police and targeting pilgrims streaming into the holy Shiite city of Kerbala.
There is a known fact that religious rite is a strong preventive barrier of wrong and harmful behaviors.
But I bet most of the oldies amongst them took a day off for the coronation back in 1953 - another religious rite.
The church was restored and we allowed Armenian people to hold a religious rite at the church once in a year.