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The decedent's sister was a member of a Roman Catholic religious order.
Attorneys for the Jesuits insisted that the dispute should be handled within the church and that the First Amendment's separation of church and state shields the religious order from court involvement in the matter.
After the carrying through of reform in Bern in 1528 and following, civic leaders became increasingly ill-disposed toward the old tradition of carnival, associated as it was with the old religious order, though the tradition of public theater continued to be exploited for the purpose of building religious solidarity.
The 30 nuns at the Oxnard convent belong to a religious order whose members are also registered nurses - professionals who go at night to the homes of elderly, sick and dying patients, giving their families and caregivers some much-needed rest.
Throughout the 37 years she has been in the religious order of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, she has battled to improve the lives of others across the world.
During a previous House stint in the late 1970s, however, Paul hired Gary North, a Christian Reconstructionist who argues that there is no such thing as "religious neutrality" and who advocates "a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God.
The exclusively religious activities of any religious order.
For Crow, 26, this lay movement, sponsored by the Legion of Christ, a religious order of priests, felt like a natural way of life.
Valenzuela, who has been listening to the afternoon show to get a feel for what to expect, said she will be allowed to tell listeners a little bit about herself and plug her religious order.
Melior acquires and redesigns the properties, and leases a portion of the new and updated space to the religious order to house and care for their senior members.
Father Leon Dehon, founder of the Sacred Heart of Jesus religious order, was scheduled to be beatified on April 24 in St.
Mary Adella, a member of the Sisters of the Church who lives in a care facility run by another Toronto religious order, the Sisterhood of St.
A school police officer found the woman, a cook for the Xaverian Brothers religious order, slumped between the seats of her 1992 Dodge Caravan.
In fact, the department or local authorities had little clout in any negotiation with a religious order in the 1840s.
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