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As per available information name of an important religious leader is being mentioned in this case who is allegedly stated to have motivated Mumtaz Qadri in the killing of former governor Punjab Suleman Taseer.
Summary: MOSCOW (Cihan) - Russian religious leaders and ambassadors came together on Monday to discuss to prevent the mentioning terror and Islam in the world in Russian capital of Moscow.
He added that in Arab politics currently, any politician looks for the backing of at least one religious leader in order to increase his popularity among the masses.
BEFORE LEAVING Cyprus dodging a volley of criticism, parliamentary president of the Council of Europe Mevlut Cavusoglu managed to bring the religious leaders of the two main faiths on the island together.
The president also stressed that as a respected religious leader, GE[micro]rmez deserves the same conveniences as the pope.
Faith in God, following scriptural dictums, respecting religious leaders have all been contributing to the right conduct of people from time immemorial.
The police have informed that two motorbike riding attackers opened fire at Yaqoob Qadri in Mohni Bazaar area of the city and fled away, leaving religious leader injured seriously.
In 1991, 30 percent of respondents said they strongly agree that religious leaders should not influence voters in an election.
Recent efforts to correct that trend in southern Afghanistan make it clear that a sustained, consistent, well-thought-out religious leader engagement program supports and advances the traditional components of counterinsurgency (security, development, and governance).
religious leader and his security guard and critically wounded his son, in the
It may take many years to become a religious leader because the role is often based on knowledge, experience and standing within the religion.
The Third religious leader was quite unique, she is Anandamurti Guruma.
How can it be work if Jesus relieves the suffering of a human being but not be deemed work if the religious leader cares for an animal on the same holy day?
BRITISH actress Emily Lloyd's promising movie career was almost snuffed out - after religious leader the Dalai Lama's dog bit her.
We struggle with getting permits to enter Jerusalem for meetings, we hear statements from religious leaders which make our work more difficult, and we are mindful of believers who want their holy sites to be accessible and open to everyone.