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Synonyms for religiosity

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religiosity

exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal

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Christianity was part of the apartheid state's constitution, and laws on racial segregation and the oppression of women and sexual minorities were based on laws informed as much by this conservative Calvinist religiosity as by Roman-Dutch law.
The study also looked at the extent to which religiosity influenced these laws in modern societies, and the findings are interesting.
These relationships are not unexpected given the correlation between religiosity and party identification.
The relationship between religiosity and Trump job approval is mainly among non-Hispanic white Americans.
Findings reveal that religiosity was a significant positive predictor mental wellbeing (B=0.
FDRS: This is a five points scale and contains 48 items spread over the five dimensions of religiosity i.
Moreover, consistent with the predictions of Batson, Schoenrade, and Ventis (1993), intrinsic religiosity was associated with lower levels of racism, but higher levels of prejudice against homosexuals (Duck & Hunsberger, 1999).
While as the mediating role, work engagement strengthens the relationship between Islamic religiosity and job performance.
Other than education, religiosity has been anticipated as an additional source of good life (Peterson and Webb, 2006).
This study investigates the interplay between religion, materialism, and economic development as they affect one's satisfaction with life, with attention specifically focused on the effects of religiosity.
Religiosity and sexuality are closely linked to each other, as mentioned by Lefkowitz, Gillen, Shearer, and Boone (2004).
An ongoing controversy exists among scholars of religion concerning the terms spirituality and religiosity.
3) Thus, spirituality and religiosity gain importance, given that these are fundamental dimensions in the lives of humans, representing in elderly adults, especially in those enduring chronic diseases, a means to confront the anguish and difficulties according to their practices and beliefs.
8 Basic religiosity, or spirituality, refers to the importance of religiosity in one's life.
The present research hypothesized that employee religiosity can be used to cope with job stress in its relationship with job satisfaction.