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Synonyms for religionism

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for religionism

exaggerated religious zealotry

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exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal

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Burrell argues that Aquinas was himself a product of interfaith and intercultural achievement and suggests that he points the way forward for all religionists.
MacDonald states early on that he is a struggling "a-la-carte Catholic," a term used critically in Ireland by more steadfast religionists.
Passing through the chapel are Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Christian Scientists, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Native American religionists, and members of a variety of Muslim groups, including black nationalist movements like the Nation of Islam, Muhammad's Temple, and the Moorish Science Temple.
And because of freedom, the religionists, the environmentalists, and the anti-capitalists are still free to prattle.
It is an adjective lately coined by fearful religionists that their particular message is being ignored and questioned by the general population.
no location given "One issue discussed in the February issue of Liberty Press, is that we still are having to defend ourselves from politicians who use their religion - or what they think some radical religionists want to hear - by saying we are sinful and they also still want to stop the use of contraceptives, much less abortion.
This chapter offers an important counterweight to the previous one, reinforcing Gordon's contention that religionists have not spoken with one voice when they have entered the public realm.
In the faith-friendly atmosphere of the Bush Administration, religionists are taking big swings at the wall of separation between church and state.
Theologians, religionists, and scientists-though diverse in method and content--contribute to a uniformly solid and thematically unified collection.
Unfortunately, scientists and religionists often embrace their world view so strongly that they fail to appreciate alternative views and identify the limitations of their perspectives.
The idea of individual rights began to give way to demands by religionists that the "will of the majority" prevail and that government promote religious agendas in the many ways it has done and still does today (abortion laws, Sunday closing laws, bans on stem cell research, bans on euthanasia, etc.
By leaving this seminal text to the religionists, we are all narrowed, confined and robbed, either by no exposure to it or by experiencing it only through a particular tradition or belief.
Furthermore, religionists with the same income or of similar age but with different degrees of belief in the existence of a promised afterlife are not likely to devote the same amount of time or contribute the same amount in terms of donations to their religions.
Now that the West no longer situates itself against godless communists, but against other religionists, the relationship between religion and public life has become far more fraught than anything that the Cold War led us to expect.
What religionists fail to understand is that, for example, science's eventual discovery that the sun doesn't actually revolve around the Earth was a scientific success, not a failure.