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sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

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It goes on to detail the handsome gilt mouldings and relievos of the proscenium arch, the remodelling of the boxes, the 'Elliptic Arches springing from each Column', the stucco garlands, putti and other baroque ornaments embellishing both the 'Grand' and second tiers and even the gallery facade, the historical motif of the new act drop, and it culminates more practically by pointing to the 'Extra Doors [.
50) In his Descriptive Catalogue of 1809 (in which Blake makes one of his two allusions to Laocoon, the other being in On Homers Poetry), Blake speaks of having been taken in vision to see the "stupendous originals" that lie behind later art: "Those wonderful originals seen in my visions, were some of them one hundred feet in height; some were painted as pictures, and some carved as basso relievos, and some as groupes of statues, all containing mythological and recondite meaning, where more is meant than meets the eye" (E 531).