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sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

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The earliest known reference to it is a poem 'On an Emblematical Basso Relievo after a famous Picture of Nicolas Poussin, Representing Shepherds pointing to the following Inscription on a Monument in Arcadia: Et in Arcadia Ego' by Thomas Seward (father of Anna Seward, the 'Swan of Lichfield').
277 'The bustos of our Saviour and Mary Magdalen cutt in basso relievo in ivory.
The first reference to the work dates from November 1880, when Boehm mentioned to Howard 'the relievo .
The museum has partnered up with Fujifilm to create the replicas, called Relievos, with the help of a complex technology, known as Reliefography, that it has taken more than 7 years to develop and only three a day can be made.
It goes on to detail the handsome gilt mouldings and relievos of the proscenium arch, the remodelling of the boxes, the 'Elliptic Arches springing from each Column', the stucco garlands, putti and other baroque ornaments embellishing both the 'Grand' and second tiers and even the gallery facade, the historical motif of the new act drop, and it culminates more practically by pointing to the 'Extra Doors [.