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Synonyms for relief

Synonyms for relief

the act or an instance of helping

freedom, especially from pain

assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

a person or persons taking over the duties of another


Synonyms for relief

the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced

Related Words

the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)

someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)

assistance in time of difficulty

aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped

sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

the act of freeing a city or town that has been besieged

References in classic literature ?
Hunt had explored, but had met with no Indians from whom to obtain information and relief.
He came to her relief with a fixed despair of himself which made the interview unlike any other that could have been holden.
One's gaze went with infinite relief from the scorched greys and sullen reds of the foreground to the blue-green softness of the eastward hills.
The reliefs, the circles, the craters, and the plains alone remained, and still showed their boundary lines distinctly.
They prove that the moon's formation, by means of cooling, is due to violent causes; for while, under the pressure of internal fires the reliefs rise to considerable height, the depths withdraw far below the lunar level.
Nothing so arid as these reliefs, nothing so sad as these ruins of mountains, and (if we may so express ourselves) these fragments of peaks and mountains which strewed the soil.
Both bills include various other tax relief provisions, such as corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) relief and increased small business expensing.
From 1960 to 1971, Lee Bontecou showed consistently at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York, where her large-scale wall reliefs were admired by critics and collectors alike.
First, poor relief depended on voluntary assessments from parish inhabitants because landowners, often absentee, evaded assessments for poor relief.
Schematic drawings of dies for angled back relief (back of the die cut away at a fixed angle); linear face relief (local die land proportional to die opening gap) and quadratic face relief (local die land proportional to square of die opening gap) are shown in figure 2.
18, the IRS announced "a special expedited review and approval process for new organizations seeking tax-exempt stares to provide relief to the victims.
In addition, the IRS is providing broader relief to all taxpayers in the five boroughs of New York City declared disaster areas by President Bush.
When you no longer need OxyContin for pain relief, you should flush the unused tablets down the toilet.
Whenever a crisis calls, legions of relief workers move in, often at great personal risk, to help the victims.
This foundry, which accounts 90% of its production to art casting, was chosen to cast the relief based on its previous work for Goodman and its ability to meet cost demands.