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have confidence or faith in

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In Ossining, the Court found that the engineer could not possibly have been unaware that the engineering reports he furnished would be transmitted to and relied upon by the school district.
Since computers first became a mainstay of the college world, IHEs have relied on students to fill spots on support teams.
Under the case law, a factor to determine whether a taxpayer reasonably relied on tax advice is whether the adviser was financially independent from the promoter.
The panel found in March that Los Angeles County officials relied on overly optimistic water projections in approving the West Creek project.
In both cases, in order to reduce planned audit hours, the auditors relied on the work of internal auditors whose skills were questionable.
While historians have lauded the political prowess of Charles V and Philip II, the Habsburgs, in particular, relied heavily on their female relatives to act as political agents, regents, and even sole rulers of Spain and their other European possessions.
The world's largest futures market relied on Hyperion Essbase software as a critical component to a new single, company-wide platform incorporating report development and distribution, dimensional analysis, and performance management dashboards.
Under this doctrine, the Division can be estopped from retroactively changing a rule when the (1) taxpayer had a right to rely on the Division's representation; (2) taxpayer relied on the representation; and (3) reliance had a detrimental effect on the taxpayer.
The CLWA had relied on information in the 1995 Monterey Agreement between the state Department of Water Resources and various State Water Project contractors permitting water-transfer entitlements between contractors.
Gutterman claimed that he relied upon the description form that stated that the Lakeview House was connected to a sewer system.
had relied on the audit reports and the firm's 1988 "comfort letter" in recommending the investments in ETC.
The objective prerequisite to avoiding the section 482 penalty, therefore, should be no more than a requirement that a taxpayer provide a "road map" or "audit trail" of its intercompany transactions, including information on the method used and any comparables relied upon.
NSI(R)), makers of Double-Take(R), the most relied upon solution for continuous data protection and application availability, and TZOlkin Corporation today announced a partnership to deliver a turnkey solution for high availability of critical revenue-producing applications for small and mid-sized businesses.
The opinion must identify in a separate section all factual assumptions relied on by the practitioner.