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Synonyms for reliable

Synonyms for reliable

capable of being depended upon

Synonyms for reliable

worthy of reliance or trust

worthy of being depended on

conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief


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Eighty percent of Americans say Petraeus is a "very" or "somewhat" reliable source of accurate information about the current conditions in Iraq, ranking him well ahead of any of the other leaders tested.
This means that is must provide high performance for both backup and restore operations, be cost-effective, and enable reliable, verifiable storage.
A number of protocols either exist or are under development to enable reliable transport of IP Multicast traffic.
Combining the innovation and capabilities of the Sprint Power Vision Network with rugged and reliable Panasonic notebooks demonstrates an unmatched value for mobile users," said Danny Bowman, vice president of customer equipment for Sprint.
The combination of Verizon Wireless' reliable BroadbandAccess service with Panasonic's Toughbooks, give customers the reliability and durability they need for true mobile computing.
By bundling the SX-650 NetGuard with the S1 fingerprint reader and the Bountiful Router silex and Bountiful WiFi provide IT executives with the most reliable WiFi security solution on the market today.
We are pleased to have successfully achieved another milestone in our strategy to provide our business customers with reliable standards-based data solutions," said Ken Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of Time Warner Cable Business Services, "MEF 9 Certification is further validation of our commitment to provide reliable and robust Ethernet services.
CA customers can gain faster and more reliable backups and restores while significantly reducing their backup windows.
Proxy Networks develops, markets, distributes and supports reliable, low cost remote control products for remote support, training, network management, compliance and collaboration.
Many of our customers had been using modified FTP for these large file transfers, and they came to us looking for a higher performing, more reliable solution that could accelerate media distribution while reducing operational costs and ongoing headaches," said Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache.
Our cooperation with BANK OF AFRICA Group allows us to get closer to our customers and we are looking forward to rolling our services out across BANK OF AFRICA Group locations, this enables Western Union, together with its affiliates Orlandi Valuta and Vigo, to extend our services to a new group of people who are looking for fast, reliable and convenient ways to send money around the world, pay bills and purchase money orders through a network of over 270,000 Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories.
announced today that it has executed a Joint Venture Agreement with Reliable Mechanical Contractors, LLC ("Reliable") a minority owned, privately held Connecticut company.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Antenova's Patented Balanced Antenna Technology Provides Higher Efficiency and Reliable Performance in a Significantly Reduced Size Antenna
The 1+1 HA feature will provide users with reliable, redundant and uninterrupted VoIP service between any two Asterisk servers, even when the servers are not on the same network.
The tape drive is fast and reliable, with two choices in tape capacity and an affordable upgrade that will further double the drive's maximum capacity," wrote technical editor Marc Spiwak.
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