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Synonyms for relaxed

Synonyms for relaxed

not tautly bound, held, or fastened

Antonyms for relaxed

without strain or anxiety

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At relaxed performances, the lighting and special effects are altered - for example, removing strobes and flashing lights and reducing very loud noises, but the general content of the show stays pretty much the same.
Dawn Taylor, director of operations at the theatre, said: "Our relaxed performances are specifically designed to welcome people with an autistic spectrum condition, learning disability or sensory and communication disorder into the theatre.
Lilly noticed tension in her arm while typing and chose to change her chair position, saying, "I think the chair is the most important thing [for a relaxed posture] really because this is supporting my back completely.
And now a new scheme hopes to extend their love of theatre to others with learning difficulties, by holding relaxed performances.
You are never confident (about staying) until you have a go, but he's a relaxed horse now.
I feel really calm and relaxed and I feel really good - not panicking or doing anything over the top.
Relaxed participants bid about 11 percent higher for a digital camera than their less-relaxed counterparts did in the first six studies.
You should feel more relaxed when you look at it - but only leave it in same place for 24 hours and then move it somewhere else or change the colour.
The procedure ensured that in one condition, participants were more relaxed, whereas in the other condition, participants were less relaxed-though not stressed-and feeling equally pleasant.
2 : to make or become less severe or strict <Mom relaxed the rules for the summer.
I find myself the most relaxed on stage when I am only thinking about music and how I want to communicate through music with the audience.
Shorten up your bow's draw length and you'll feel much more relaxed at fun draw.
Screeners, travelers adjust to relaxed rules on liquids.
But keeping the mind quiet and focused, body relaxed, almost completely still, is much easier said than done.